Meet the Doctors

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Dr. Kevin is from Atlanta, GA, and is a first generation Honduran American as well as first generation chiropractor in his family. One of his greatest joys is connecting with people and building communities that foster an enhanced sense of well-being and greater quality of life for all. Working with individuals and families to better understand their relationship to their body and capacity for health are great passions of Dr. Kevin’s which is why he feels blessed to serve as your local area chiropractor.
As a graduate of Life University, Dr. Kevin’s approach to care operates through a vitalistic lens meaning he honors and respects the fact that your body has an innate capacity to be self-healing and self-aware. He focusses on gentle yet effective ways to improve the communication between the brain and body to help individuals better adapt or cope with their environment or chosen tasks.
Dr. Kevin moved to Portland in January of 2019 after falling in love with the city’s culture of supporting independent, local businesses and its unique natural beauty. He enjoys climbing, biking, and hiking in the PNW with his partner and their pup named Kaiya who is a bundle of joy and eager to meet you in the office one day!
Anna Abbott chiropractor woman long red hair


Hi! I’m Dr. Anna! I grew up in Atlanta, GA. My first experience with the benefits of chiropractic care was as high school athlete, and it helped me through various injuries. I was re-introduced to chiropractic after college when seeing how chiropractic care was benefiting my partner, Dr. Kevin.

I did not have back/neck pain, but struggled with anxiety, disordered eating, IBS, and severe heartburn. Under care, my body was able to normalize and heal, allowing symptoms to disappear within a few months. After this healing journey, I decided to change career paths and become a chiropractor. 

Shortly after, both Dr. Kevin and I decided to follow the journey together and started our chiropractic education at Life University in Marietta, GA.

I believe life is short and was meant to be enjoyed fervently. Take that trip, eat that slice of cake, go for that dream, and live your best life in the present moment. Balance and adaptability are my words to live by. I stand for health autonomy, body trust, and intuitive living. 

I believe in taking care of the outdoors, our bodies, and our spirit all in the same manner. I’m an empathetic intuitive healer as well as Chiropractor, and I have a unique blend of both healing arts and science in my technique.  I listen with an open heart. I help guide you in connecting to and creating ease in your body, and life. Together, we’ll set goals and create strategies for you to move into higher levels of well being right for your lifestyle. 


Kaiya came into our lives in March of 2015. Our best friend’s golden retriever had a litter of 8 pups and we helped give them all love during our long study sessions in chiropractic school. When Kaiya didn’t sell as fast as the other puppies, our best friend Kenny let her come live with us. She spent loads of time training with us and is technically a task trained service animal! However, she is not needed for full time task work and instead loves to meet new members as our official office greeter!! She loves fetch, pets, snuggles, and will do anything you ask her! Her favorite activity is swimming and playing ‘monkey in the middle’ at the park. She won’t come say Hi unless you ask her to, but if you do she’s happy to be your adjustment companion. 


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